“The Decorator” - result of a year-long collaboration between furniture craftsman Jacob Cress and oil painter Mark Young – is a unique whimsical combination of trompe l’oeil art, mixed media art, dimensional art and installation art. “The Decorator” combines a large-scale realist oil painting with hand-crafted furniture – furniture both inside and outside the painting. The composition and painting by Young is based on a idea originated by Cress, and depicts a conspiring trio of animated Chippendale chairs, modeled after chairs carved in life by Cress, who are adding their own touches to decorate an elegant room, including flowers in some unlikely places. The chair (painted) and closest to the front, reaches out of the painting with its (real) hand-carved mahogany arm to retrieve a (real) flower from a vase atop a (real) hand-carved mahogany table that sits in front of the painting; the arm and table were crafted by Cress. Three vases of flowers, reference books of flowers, other furniture, statuary, a warm fire, and five paintings within the painting help complete the elaborate scene.


Technical Description: The painting by Mark Young is oil on ¾” birch panel, 48”h x 72”w; framed is 57”h x 81”w. A hand-carved mahogany chair arm matching the painted chair is bolted to the painting from the back and projects 16” from the front of the painting. Framed weight is 80 lbs. The hanging system, designed by Jacob Cress, is a pair of dove-tailed support beams, one anchored to the back of the painting and the other into the wall; the painting is secured to the frame by a set of wooden turn buttons. The frame moulding is 4 ½” solid wood and is hung with the bottom edge 35” off the floor and 2” above the table. A hand-carved mahogany pier table created by Cress, 33”h x 55”l x 19” w, sits on the floor in front of the painting.


About Mark Young: - an accomplished realist oil painter known for his breadth of subject matter, convincing detail and dramatic rendering of light. Young’s award-winning works have been exhibited in numerous one-person shows, invitational and juried shows, several commercial galleries, and have been featured in magazines, among them Art Business News. His works are in private and corporate collections throughout the US, including the NBC Television Network, SAS Institute, Inc., Washington & Lee University and The Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. (http://www.markyoung.com)